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Women in International Business

Have you ever heard of Kiran Mazumdar, Founder & Chairperson of Biocon? Yes, she is an Indian woman entrepreneur who has her own biotechnology company based in Bangalore. She is on the ‘Financial Times’ top 50 women in business list. In 2015 she was listed as the 85th most powerful woman in the world by ‘Forbes’.

Indra Nooyi , is this name familiar to you? Yes, you are right. She is an India-born, naturalized American, business executive officer of Pepsico, the second largest food beverage business in the world.

In a world where gender discrimination exists in almost every sphere of our society, it is quite surprising to see such great women achievers who are capable of participating in global entrepreneurship. Hats off to these great women!  There are lots of likeminded women who are bodacious to stun the world through their attitude and potential and who are ready to take up business opportunities and to raise high as great entrepreneurs.

Challenges that women have to encounter in growing a business is no way less than that of men. In fact women are vulnerable to more hardships in the journey. But the boldness, determination and courage of each and every woman enable her to bring out her hidden talents and prove herself to the outer world.

While women have been almost in every field today, the percentage of women in International business is not yet equal to that of men. What might be the reasons behind it? Perhaps there are some misconceptions – woman as managers and negotiators can’t take important decisions or manage the crisis duly, and they are not generally taken for an authority figure.

Many companies in India hesitate to send women overseas because they fear they will be poorly received in male-dominated cultures. But in reality, in western countries the scenario is totally different. Women work effectively; keep breaking all the barriers and are increasingly interested in high level promotions. If women establish their competence, experience, and authority, they will be taken seriously and treated professionally.

The women in business generally aim at

Business Excellence that includes customer relations, product or service quality, market acceptance and operating performance.

Professional Achievements that includes maintaining professional autonomy, pursuing intellectual activities, community relations and community recognition.

Financial Achievements that includes generating income, organizational profitability and financial independence.

Personal Satisfaction that includes maintaining relationships with friends, family and partner, managing work/life demands, and ability to acquire personal goods.
How can women entrepreneurs enhance themselves globally?
Women entrepreneurs can enhance themselves globally by

  • communicating their credentials up front
  • establishing their competencies
  • perceiving positive attitude
  • creating an impression through their dressing etiquette
  • building interpersonal relationships with their male colleagues/counterparts
  • adapting themselves to cultures, customs, business courtesies and decorum of respective nations
  • showing interest in learning essential foreign languages
  • foreseeing the future trends of global business

‘There are two ways of spreading light… To be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it’. Women perform a dual role of both spreading and reflecting. When every woman has the ability to do this, just think of extraordinary women with grit who can transform themselves into international business women.


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