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Tips for Business Travellers

Business men travel wide across the world for the sake of doing business. We very well know that travelling for business is not always an easy job. They in fact have to plan their business tour itinerary, get their tickets booked, and plan their accommodation, business meetings and their venues.

These are of course very common for people of all walks of life, but for a business man or woman there are some more important aspects in which he or she has to focus on during the business trips.

  1. Travel becomes the most difficult task when you have to carry more luggages, so it is better to lessen your luggage; a lighter one or a carry-on. It is always safe to include an umbrella in your luggage since any of your business destinations may suddenly turn into a rainy region.
  2. Aware of the difference between non-stop and direct flights; direct flights might stop and you would just stay on the plane instead of having to switch planes. But by taking a non-stop flight, you can really save time.
  3. Be smart enough to zip through security. First, if you have any reasonable claim to a premier status, get in a premier line. Second, when you show your ID and boarding pass, ask the agent which line he thinks will move the fastest. Third, get in any line with more male solo business travelers. Since men have fewer accessories to discard and are hyper-competitive, they usually view the security line as a race. Finally, avoid any line with married couples traveling alone on leisure… you’ll miss your plane.
  1. Use a tennis ball to prevent in-flight soreness while travelling. By rolling the tennis ball under your feet and thighs, you can keep you away from getting stiff or sore.
  2. Frequent business travellers can better use mini laptop or palmtop with data card of faster speed. This would help them to get connected with their clients worldwide 24×7. Especially charge your laptops, phones and power banks every previous night. Also keep using apps to track your destinations so that you can save time and avoid asking unknown.  Never use expensive, noisy, bulky headphones. Instead use soft foam disposable earplugs.
  3. Your health plays a vital role in your business travel, since without good health nothing great can happen in your business. It is always safe to eat in an airport after checking where the airport authorities or top level employees eat. Use hand sanitizer before eating. Always carry anti bacterial wipes and adequate stock of important medicines and keep them handy. Prefer protein to carbohydrate as they last long. Prefer water to soda as soda will upset your stomach.
  4. Time is money; other than a news bulletin, don’t ever waste your valuable time in watching TV, rather read a book or talk to your family amidst your busy business meetings, or during your free time in the hotel room.
  5. Changing time zones cause jet lag and battling against the fatigue is another important challenging factor in the business travels. Avoid sleeping whenever feeling sleepy; sleep only during night wherever you are. Have lighter but healthy food to chase away fatigue.
  6. Dress elegantly to give yourself an edge. When flights are oversold [in economy class], sometimes gate agents will pick people to upgrade based on whether they’re dressed well, or if they were nice to someone when they checked in,
  7. One of the first things you should do after landing in a new land is to buy the local newspaper and try to know something about the place. A mere carrying of a paper would make you look a bit more like a local.
  1. Try to accumulate your travel points by buying stuff outside the airport and especially by using your credit cards.

Thus when all these tips are well noted and executed perfectly, any business travel would ultimately be smooth, enjoyable and successful.

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