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Leadership is an important factor that makes any work possible.  Business resources become ineffective without proper leadership. Good business leaders feel the pulse of their employees,  and always try to create more effective working environments. They in fact apply the simple logic ‘Horses for courses’ to extract the apt talent that each one of his employees has.

Leadership and Managing abilities differ from each other. Leadership is to make people understand and believe in the vision of the business firm and to work along to fulfill the set goals while managing is more about administering and ensuring the day-to-day activities of the business firm.

A leader sets an example to each and every employee of the company by defining and exhibiting moral and ethical courage. Further a leader teaches leadership skills to his employees, who will then be bold enough to bring considerable developmental milestones in the company. .

In a competitive business environment, only if the leadership is effective, achieving organisational goals will become easier. So in order to be effective, leaders must be able to provide inspiration, motivation and clear direction to their team. An effective and well trained leader is always a paramount factor for the success of the company. He should always be confident in what he does and should make others believe him. Thus an effective leadership plays a pivotal and invaluable role both in formulating and communicating new strategic directions as well as motivating employees to increase their contribution in achieving the organizational goals. .

Every business could benefit from an overview of its leadership style. For instance, a new CEO in an established company may benefit by altering the leadership style to be more in line with the current sensibility of the company. So a good leader should be capable of adapting himself according to different situations and environments.

When it comes to achieving success, most people think it is mostly because of the strategy that the business comes up with. Strategy is one part of a whole range of reasons but not the only reason for success.

Many Indian as well as American leaders in Business have been role models for us in how to become great icons in the competitive world.


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