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How to find the Right Mentor

How to find the Right Mentor

The word ‘mentor’ is Greek in origin. It refers to a character in Homer’s Odyssey, a friend of Odysseus who counsels his son during his father’s absence due to a long journey. But the sage Mentor is actually Athena in disguise, the goddess of war and wisdom who guides and sustains Odysseus through his journey. A mentor is therefore a wisdom guide. Today the meaning of the word Mentor in a broader spectrum is a wise and trusted counselor or teacher, an influential senior sponsor or supporter, etc.

Who are Mentors?

Mentors are basically teachers, trainers or even educational gurus who nurture their students at a school level, collegiate education, or for a scholarly guidance.

In the business sector, Mentors are people with vast expertise and experience in the field, who have a mindset to give support and guidance in career to either the beginners of the same field or people who have come up to certain level, but still in need of guidance.

Mentors are personal board of directors, helping you to learn and make the best decisions right from job search to professional development. Sometimes a senior executive in your company may inspire you through his potential role and he is also your mentor.

Mentors can shape and structure your career in innumerable ways. They can help hone your professional skills, teach you the business nuances, help you survive in corporate politics, overcome adversity, and introduce you to the right people and resources to advance your career.

There are many organisations designed to meet out the needs of the entrepreneurs and by providing business mentors for free. They aim at helping founders, entrepreneurs and innovators to build the supportive personal and professional networks to make them successful.


Who needs a mentor?

When an aspiring entrepreneur starts his own business, he needs mentor to guide him in building business plans and raising capital, and later in his business development too. He actually needs a mentor who can well understand his requirements and challenges. Great Entrepreneurs who even think that they have outgrown the need for a mentor may at times need a mentor.

When you join a new company or want to have a career transition, you can find someone at the same stage that you can consider as a peer mentor, since he too has been exploring the same line of work.

Peer mentors can share their efforts and resources as both have identical goals and be perfect for the exact same job.


Before finding the right mentor,

  • You need to evaluate your best skills that you already have and where exactly you need help from the mentor.
  • You decide in which way/ method you want your mentor to teach you, so that it will become more effective
  • You prepare your mind to listen to your mentor.
  • You fix up your mind whether to pay your mentor or not; opinions vary.

How to find the right mentor?

The right mentors are

  • People who have a real world experience in your area of business. Good mentors will share their own experiences with you and help you apply what they have learned to your own path.
  • People who have the ability to listen, devoting time to understand his mentee. They in fact probe them to get the right answer, only then they will be able to guide them.
  • People who have the potential to be a driving force for you. Even an earnest desire to be successful may go in vain without a proper push from the back.
  • People who should be able to cite real life coaching stories,, incidents or even difficult situations that he came across. Through these he would challenge you face such tricky situations and also to encourage you to train others.
  • People who can give you the real wisdom. Wisdom is the foundation for your coaching wilderness survival skills. Wisdom will maximize your efficiency and effectiveness. Wisdom helps you to know when to push a client out of their comfort zone, when you encourage the client to finish the task, etc.
  • People who can identify ambiguous and uncertain factors that lead your business to rags. They should even point out your flaws and correct them so that you become fully equipped to handle the business with utmost boldness and strength.
  • People who give big picture vision. They actually assess your capacity and accordingly make you get a big vision for you to achieve. In this way he dreams to make you unique.
  • People who teach you the techniques of adaptability, flexibility, and sneakiness if necessary. They never give the solutions for the problems directly, but give you confidence through their guidance. They make you explore the terrain.
  • People who can foresee your growth in business and finally fix up milestones that you would reach in future years. They test your sustainability and your enhanced potentials


Once you find the right mentor, you maintain a perfect relationship with him. Trust, respect, humility, patience, and implementing his directions would give a progress towards your goal.


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